About Us

BuzzBuilder was founded by Jake Atwood, a nationally-recognized sales trainer and President of Ovation Sales Group. For more than a decade, Jake has shown sales professionals how to prospect  and gain access to executives who seem impossible to reach. BuzzBuilder is a culmination of his proven tactics for lead generation and appointment-setting. It is an automated, daily prospecting tool used by salespeople to connect with the C-Level and generate sales without cold calling.

How Does It Work?

Think of BuzzBuilder as your digital sales assistant who never sleeps. While you're busy closing deals and building relationships, it's talking to new prospects on your behalf. Using an advanced email marketing engine, it sends a series of personalized emails that appear to come from your Outlook account. Each email prompts your prospects to view your product literature, schedule an appointment or refer you to the decision-maker. BuzzBuilder will also track each prospect's interactions with your emails, telling you when someone has gone to your website, downloaded a PDF or forwarded your email to another person. Then it scores your prospects based on these actions and ranks them--now you'll know which prospects are your best opportunities.

How Is It Different?

There are a lot of email marketing tools, but they all tend to do the same thing: send a generic, single email and then hope for the best. BuzzBuilder is more than just email marketing--it's a complete prospecting system. First, it's important to recognize that reaching a decision-maker takes multiple attempts. With the push of a button, BuzzBuilder automatically sends a series of emails, similar to a drip campaign. Because of this, you'll typically generate at least 500% more leads than you would with a single "email blast."

After you initiate an email campaign, BuzzBuilder sends you Hot Lead Alerts the moment someone shows interest in your offering. For example, you'll know the moment a prospect is looking at a PDF or sales sheet you sent, allowing you to take action when the timing is just right. With other systems, this kind of information is only available to the marketing department so it's outdated by the time it gets passed to the sales team.

If you have limited experience with email marketing and demand generation, no worries. We'll help you create engaging campaigns using our proprietary messaging format. You'll even get our "secret sauce" delivered to you as a set of email templates and best practices. We'll also make sure that BuzzBuilder is seamlessly integrated into your sales process and CRM to ensure that it's easy to implement.

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