Salesism: CADs (Compulsive Acronym Disorder)

Salesism: CADs (Compulsive Acronym Disorder)

letterscom•pul•sive ac•ro•nym dis•or•der, noun

An epidemic in the business world in which common phrases are turned into acronyms as a way to make the person sound cooler or hide the fact that they really don’t have a clue.

Mild cases of CADs include the overuse of terms like ROI and ASAP, but can progress into an extreme use of acronyms like TTFN (Ta Ta For Now), TOTB (Think Outside The Box), and CA2O (Comparing Apples To Oranges).

People who suffer from CADs are usually impossible to understand and are often labeled as a SIM (Self-Important Moron).


Ted showed the client a way to TOTB to produce ROI ASAP. However, the client thought he was full of BS and said BFD. Ted’s career was TTFN.

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