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Audio: Cold Emailing Best Practices

  In this interview with Buzzbuilder CEO Jake Atwood, you’ll hear about the latest tactics for using email to generate new business. Topics include: • What are the best techniques for using email to set appointments? • How do you stay out of the junk folder? • What are the best subject lines? • What [...]

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5 Steps For Generating Quick Revenue

This article is courtesy of MarketingSherpa, from a recent case study. SUMMARY: A long-term, strategic lead generation plan is essential for complex sales. But when market conditions change rapidly, you might find opportunities for ancillary campaigns that help address your customers’ immediate pain points. Read how a telecommunications marketer responded to the credit crisis last [...]

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5 Ways To Automate Your Lead Generation

In today’s economy, you have probably had your budget cut. Meanwhile, you’re being asked to generate more revenue than last year. But there’s good news. A lot of your sales and lead generation efforts could be automated, saving you both time and money. Here are some of the ways you could use email to create [...]

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How To Use Email Marketing To Eliminate Cold Calling

Most salespeople dread the idea of cold calling so it can often help to send a pre-call letter or email. We have tested literally hundreds of different email formats–some with long copy and some with only 1 sentence. Here are 5 rules to think about when creating your pre-call email campaigns: 1. Avoid being self-promotional [...]

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Why Company Newsletters Are Dead

A lot of companies have a monthly newsletter they mail or email to clients and prospects as a way of keeping in touch. Once a month, the marketing department sends an email blast out to the world and everyone gets the same, generic information. But does this approach actually generate leads for the sales force? [...]

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4 Best Ways To Use Email For Lead Generation

Over the past several years, email has been one of the best lead generation tools I’ve used for making sales. However, the problem with the emails that most salespeople send is that they all tend to resemble SPAM. Do away with generic sales messages and never email a brochure or marketing piece to a cold [...]

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MarketingExperiments Case Study: How To Increase Leads By 638%

This article was published by as part of a case study it conducted about BuzzBuilder’s innovative email messaging format. As part of the case study, BuzzBuilder tested several email campaigns with a Fortune 500 client. Read further to discover how this company’s sales force was able to increase it’s response rate and lead generation [...]

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