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salesfunnel-mac-largeConnect With Executives

Need to fill your pipeline with more qualified leads but don't like to cold call? No problem! With the click of a button, send cold email campaigns that reach decision makers and fill your sales funnel with appointments. Imagine a constant flow of new opportunities delivered to your inbox every day. Very cool. 

  • Automate your prospecting and generate appointments even when you're not working
  • Send personalized emails to purchased lists. If you need help acquiring a quality lead list, we can help!
  • Automatically send follow-up emails to prospects who don't respond






Track Interest With Sales Radar

Our Sales Radar gives you real-time tracking and reporting for all your prosects. At a glance, you can see who has visited your website, read your emails, forwarded your messages, and more. It will even sort your prospects based on interest level, so you can focus on your best opportunities.

Better yet, if you use our Salesforce App will sync all this data with your CRM.

  • Advanced website tracking shows you who is on your site
  • Our Lead Scoring System will show you who is most interested
  • See who is forwarding and sharing your emails





hotlead-large-jpgTimely Follow-Up

In sales, we know that timing is everything. Have you ever missed an opportunity simply because you didn't follow soon enough? BuzzBuilder gives you HotLead Alerts that notify you the moment someone shows interest. You can set up alerts for events like recurring website visits, PDF views, email forwards, and more. Hurray, no more wasted calls.

  • Focus your prosecting efforts on your best prospects
  • Connect with more executives by calling when you know they're availalble
  • Easily follow up, even when you're on the go



keep-in-touch-rightKeep In Touch

Just because prospects tell you "no" today, it doesn't necessarily mean they won't need your solution in the future. Don't lose touch with prospects who aren't quite ready to meet. BuzzBuilder can automatically send them timely, relevant information to keep you top of mind and build interest. The moment they start showing interest, BuzzBuilder will notify you. You'll also be notified whenever prospects leave their company and your emails can't be delivered.

  • Stay connected to everyone in your database
  • Educate prospect and establish yourself as a valued resource
  • Stop wasting time chasing prospects



"An Amazing Tool"

"BuzzBuilder is an amazing tool. With a click of a button, I can engage a variety of prospects with targeted email campaigns and track their responses. It makes managing the funnel and reaching out to potential customers super simple."

Ricky Hunter, Co-Founder, GetNotes

"Prospects Were Actually Calling ME"

"My inbox blew up! Prospects were actually calling ME to set appointements. Just totally amazing!"

Sales Rep, ADP TotalSource

"6X More Appointments"

"Our company spent thousands of dollars on a 5 week telemarketing campaign.  We then used BuzzBuilder and in the first 2 weeks we already have 6X more appointments booked. BuzzBuilder is the silver sales bullet our company's been waiting for."

Steve Peck, Co-Founder, Docalytics

"This Is The Future"

"Within the first 24 hours, I heard from over 95 prospects either by them calling or emailing me. This is the future."

Sales Rep, Logisitcs Company

"I'm Closing More Deals"

"Prior to BuzzBuilder I spent a lot of time making follow-up calls to prospects (only to find out they were never going to buy). The 'Sales Radar' feature has helped me identify my high value targets and manage my pipeline more effectively. As a result, I'm closing more deals."

Sales Rep

"BuzzBuilder Makes It Easy"

"With the large number of people we're marketing to, BuzzBuilder makes it easy for us to nurture prospects and build brand awareness."

Marketing Manager

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