Manage All Your Email Campaigns Without Ever Leaving The CRM

Wouldn't it be nice if SalesForce actually generated leads for you? What if it could show you who your best prospects are before you even called them? The BuzzBuilder plugin is a breakthrough innovation for SalesForce users that turns the CRM into a lead generation machine.

Quickly & Easily Create Prospecting Lists

We've expanded the capabilities of the Lists View to allow Reps new ways to build lists. You can easily sort contacts based on titles, locations, lead source, and more. You can even choose contacts based on their past interactions with you, such as whether or not they have visited your website recently.  As an added option, you can Tag the selected contacts to make it easy to recall the list in the future.

Send Drip Email Campaigns

Do you struggle to reach crazy-busy executives who never seem to answer the phone anymore? The fact is, most executives prefer to communicate via email. BuzzBuilder has created a unique Multi-Touch™ Email System that will automatically send a series of emails to prospects until they respond. This Multi-Touch approach generates 500% more leads than just sending a single email.


Prioritize Prospects Based On Their BuzzBuilder Score

Stop wasting time calling prospects who aren't qualified or aren't interested. Using BuzzBuilder's powerful Lead Tracking and Scoring System, now you'll know which prospects want to talk to you--before you even call them.


Follow-Up On Real-Time HotLead™ Alerts

You'll be notified the moment a prospect visits your website, reads a PDF you sent, or forwards your email to colleagues. This real-time information means you'll always be in the right place at the right time--and never miss another opportunity!


View Their Tracking History

Image how effective your conversations could be if you knew exactly what a prospect was interested in prior to your call. With the BuzzBuilder plugin, all the tracking and data from each campaign is available at a glance. You'll see a complete history of website visits, email opens, and forwards for each person. Without the plugin, most information isn't available, or you'd need to piece it together from multiple reports.


A Parting Gift For You...

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Cold Email Templates

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