Lead Scoring & Pipeline Management

Do you know which prospects and clients are your best opportunities? A lot of companies will classify their leads as "A,B,C,D" or "Hot, Medium, Cold." However, this doesn't tell you who is most interested in your solutions. As a result, salespeople waste countless hours pursuing people who aren't ready to buy. We call this "blind selling." 

Wouldn't it be nice to know which prospects were most qualified or interested before you made multiple attempts to reach them? BuzzBuilder uses a powerful lead tracking and scoring system that ranks your contacts based on their interactions with your emails, website and social media. For example, it will track prospects who open your emails, visit your website, download a PDF, visit your LinkedIn page or forward your emails to colleagues. As it tracks these activities, it assigns a point system that helps you rank your prospects and prioritize your territory. You'll spend less time chasing dead-ends and more time closing deals.

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