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Cold Email Templates That Work!

Use email to reach more decision makers and set appointments without cold calling. Imagine having a daily supply of leads delivered to your inbox!
At BuzzBuilder, we have developed a set of proven prospecting templates that will help you send mass email campaigns that still feel personalized. Our “secret sauce” is now your new approach to prospecting and lead generation.

20 Shocking Sales Statistics That Will Change How You Sell

Discover little-known facts about top performers and learn how to become more effective and efficient in your sales process.
WARNING: People with a heart condition, weak stomach, or chronic ignorance should consult their doctor before reading.
  • The best times to cold call and send emails
  • The part of your presentation that people remember most
  • How to increase your average deal size by 47%

18 1/2 Ways To Reach Any Decision Maker

How much time do you spend chasing crazy-busy executives who never answer their phone? The fact is, it takes an average of 8 attempts to reach a decision-maker. What if there ways to contact them more quickly and easily? In this free guide you’ll discover proven tactics for getting the attention of any executive.
  • Creative emails and mailers that get you in the door
  • What to say in your voice mail messages to get a returned call
  • The best times to reach busy decision-makers

The Prospecting Playbook: A 70 Page Field Guide

A 70 page field guide packed with proven strategies for prospecting and lead generation. The guide includes ideas for leaving effective voice mails, email strategies, handling difficult objections, and creating the ultimate value proposition.
  • Master the art of phone prospecting
  • Deal with difficult objections
  • Turn gatekeepers into allies

Big Marketing On A Tiny Budget

Do you have big marketing dreams but a small budget? Not to worry! You can still generate ton of sales leads with a little creativity. In fact, using the tactics outlined in this comprehensive guide, our team at BuzzBuilder created over 3000 leads for less than $200. We’ll share 10 different ways we accomplished this.
  • Content marketing strategies that drive traffic to your website
  • Ways to amp up your blogging efforts
  • The best micro sites to publish your content

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