Improve Email Deliverability & Boost Open Rates For Your Clients

Let’s talk about how you can SUPERCHARGE the email campaigns you run for your clients… and also lower your overall email marketing costs.

BuzzBuilder was built with agencies in mind to help you offer clients better email deliverability, higher open rates, and more leads generated from email marketing. Whether you’re sending cold email campaigns or opt-in nurturing campaigns, our next-gen technology helps you avoid spam filters and get emails delivered to the primary inbox and not the “promotions” folder we’re all too aware of.

Why is BuzzBuilder the best cold emailing tool for agencies?

We understand the challenges of managing email outreach for multiple clients, each who may have multiple campaigns running. As an agency Admin, you’ll have global access to all clients from a single dashboard, and can launch various email campaigns on behalf of each one without ever having to leave your admin account. No more logging in and out of separate accounts for each client!

Top email deliverability without any limits on email volume

There are countless “cold emailing” platforms these days that deliver emails via your Outlook or Gmail account. The advantage of this approach is that you achieve higher deliverability. The disadvantage is the you’re extremely limited to the volume of emails you can send per day. What if a client has a large database they want to target and needs you to send several thousand emails per day? With other platforms, you’d be required to purchase dozens of accounts, each with a separate fee. 

With BuzzBuilder, you’re able to connect an unlimited number of alias email inboxes to a single user account. You only pay for one BuzzBuilder license but can still send a virtually unlimited number of emails. We also offer integration with many bulk email servers in situations where you need to send an extremely high volume of emails. You can simply toggle between sending via Outlook & Gmail accounts and using a bulk server whenever needed–you get the best of both worlds and the ultimate flexibility for your agency!

Preferred pricing for your agency

Depending on how many user accounts you’ll need, we offer generous price breaks for agencies that make your projects even more profitable. Talk to us today about a package that suits you best.

What’s next? Schedule a call to tell us about your agency and see how BuzzBuilder can help you scale your campaigns and reduce your costs.

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