What Are The Best Subject Lines For Cold Emails?

Ahhhh, the subject line–an area of confusion for most salespeople and marketers. We know how difficult it is to get the prospect to actually open our email, but a good subject line will make all the difference.

Try not to “sell” in the subject line. It’s common to make a claim about the benefits of your product, but this can seem overly sales-y. When we say things like “increase productivity with our widget” or “reduce operating costs” this makes the message look like spam.

You should also avoid subject lines that sound sales-y or mention an offer.  Examples include:

  • 50% off. Act now!
  • Our solution for _______
  • Boost sales today

We’ve found that if you ask a question in the subject line, this can also backfire. For example:

  • Do you struggle with poor sales?
  • Would you like to make more money?
  • Are you looking for

So what should you say in the subject?

The best subject lines should peak curiosity. Examples include: 

  • Appropriate person
  • Quick question
  • Call with Joe and <your name>
  • LinkedIn introduction

One of the most effective strategies is to use Social Proof and mention other people inside their company you’re also emailing. For example, “Call with you, Bob Johnson and Mary Williams.” They know (and trust) the other people you’re mentioning, and this makes them likely to open your email. You can also use Social Proof by mentioning a competitor in the subject line.

Another tactic when cold emailing is to call people who are members of various groups, associations, chambers of commerce, etc. Then you can use the name of the group in your email. For example, “American Payroll Association intro.”

Remember, the purpose of your subject line is simply to pique enough curiosity so they’ll open and read more.

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