The Email Sales Letter Template

Let’s send engaging content that your prospects will actually respond to! We have created a unique type of email that we call an Email Sales Letter (ESL for short) and it’s perfect for prospecting! To learn how to use it, watch the 3 videos below. Then use the ESL Script to build your own message.

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1. Targeting the Right Prospects

2. The Email Sales Letter Overview

3. The Email Sales Letter Script

The 3 Step "Email Sales Letter" Formula

Each email message has 3 brief paragraphs, outlined below. Each paragraph could be as short as 1 sentence, and shouldn’t be longer than 3 sentences. For more information about the purpose of each paragraph, watch video #2 above.


Create curiosity and build rapport so they will continue reading your entire email.


Tell a short Sales Story that highlights a problem you can solve or result you can produce.


Ask for a next step, such as a call together or additional information.

The Standard ESL Script

This ESL script is universal and works with any type of company or title. Fill in the blanks below to complete your own message. For more explanation about each of the fields, refer to video #3 above. You can also scroll below the script for a sample of a completed Email Sales Letter. NOTE: Once you’ve completed all the fields, click the SAVE & PRINT button to view your finished message.

The ESL Sample Script

Here’s an example of a completed ESL. It’s targeted to companies who sell payroll systems.

Hi Joe,

I thought I’d reach out because we recently worked with a fellow payroll company called ADP and they discovered an interesting way to drive more revenue during “the slow season” in Q1.

I’ve found that a lot of payroll Sales Reps are frustrated that they can’t ecure enough appointments this time of year because prospects are done evaluating their payroll system. To help with this, we created a unique prospecting tool that finds companies who are still open to changing vendors and then it connects you with them. Best of all, this doesn’t require you to use an agency and can all be done in-house to keep your costs low.

If you’d like to hear more about how this works, just send me a quick reply and I’d be happy to forward an overview to you. Otherwise, if there’s someone else I should send this to instead, please let me know the best person. 

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