Lead Finder & Job Scraper

A Chrome browser extension that allows you to download search results from the job board to a spreadsheet. Great for recruiters, sales professionals, and anyone who wants to pursue companies who are actively hiring.

Tutorial: Using The Extension

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About This Chrome Extension

In sales and marketing, we know that companies who are hiring and growing are almost always better prospects. Perhaps you’re a recruiter who wants to find companies who are struggling to fill a certain position. Or perhaps you sell phone systems and whenever there’s a new hire, they can purchase another phone from you. 

To use this extension, simply click the button below to go to the chrome store and then add it. 

Also Need a Lead List?

The scraper will export the company name, job title, and job description for each company you find. If you also want to search for key titles inside each of these companies, along with their phone number and email address, talk to us about our amazing data services that can do this for you. Also want an easy way to contact them? Check out BuzzBuilder’s automated email outreach tools