Name Drop List Builder for Account-Based Marketing

An account-based marketing approach is a great way to get into large accounts. With this approach, you’ll email multiple people inside an account and then name-drop the other people you’re also emailing. This Google Sheets plugin will automatically create the “Name Drop” column with the names of the other executives for each contact you’re emailing. No more copy and paste!

Watch How It Works

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About This Google Sheet Template

In larger accounts, there are usually multiple executives involved in evaluating your solutions. An effective way to get your foot in the door is by emailing each executive inside a key account at the same time, and then name-dropping the other executives you’ve also emailed. We call this The Circle of Leverage, and it’s also referred to by cold email expert Bryan Kreuzberger as the Waterfall Technique. The most time-consuming part of this approach is pasting in all the other names, but this google script does all this for you. For more info about how this approach, click here.

Also Need a Lead List?

If you need an easy way to find all they key executives inside your target accounts, we can help!  We’ve partnered with the top data companies and can find all the key titles inside each of company, along with their phone number and email address. Talk to us about our amazing data services. Also want an easy way to automate all your cold email campaigns? Check out BuzzBuilder’s email outreach tools

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