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We’re busy setting up your account and we’ll email your login information soon (If you have registered after 5PM Central Time, we will send this first thing the next day). In the meantime, the QuickStart Guide below will show you how to get started. You also can contact our support crew anytime you have questions, and we’d be happy to help–after all, you’re part of the family now!

First, Some Important "Admin" Stuff

To maximize your email delivery and make sure your messages hit the inbox, there are a couple important steps your BuzzBuilder Admin will need to take. PS: If you’re the only user in BuzzBuilder, by default you’re the admin.

Step 1: Set up a separate domain and email address to send emails from. Learn why

Step 2: Add “email authentication” to your domain called SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Learn How.


Getting started with BuzzBuilder is easy and we created a step by step guide to help you launch your first campaign as quickly as possible. Below are 4 steps, each with a training video that is available on-demand. 


Connect an Email Account

Before you can begin sending campaigns, you’ll need to connect either an Outlook Exchange, or Outlook 365 account. We don’t recommend using gmail or g-suite because they often limit you to only sending only 50 emails per day. We’ve created a short, 3-minute video to show you how, and it will also give you a tour of the general navigation. NOTE: We suggest you send from a separate email address AND a different domain instead of using your primarily email account for sending marketing emails. Click here to learn why.

NOTE: If your company hosts it’s own On-Premise Outlook Exchange server, your IT department will need to set up something called an “SMTP Relay”. Click Here for a tutorial you can share with them. NOTE: This can be a complex process and it’s only suggested if you have more than 5 users. If you have less than 5 users, a simpler alternative is to purchase a separate email address via an email hosting service like GoDaddy. Here’s how.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Email Sending Limits & Improving Email Delivery

Email delivery can be a constant challenge, and it’s important to understand how many emails you can send before you’ll get blocked by spam filters. By default, each email address is limited to sending a maximum of 200 emails per day, but you’re able to increase this via the Settings to 400 per day if you don’t mind the added risk of getting blocked. GMAIL/G-SUITE USERS: Gmail will often limit you to sending only 50 emails per day, and Gsuite can limit you to less than 100 for the first few months. Even if BuzzBuilder “sends” 200 emails via gmail’s servers, they might only deliver the first 50 and then give you an error that you’ve exceeded their daily limit. Therefore, we suggest using Outlook 365 instead of gmail or gsuite.  You can purchase an Outlook account via a hosting company such as GoDaddy for as little as $1.99 per month.

There are other important “rules” to follow that will ensure your emails don’t get blocked by spam filters. Click here for an important guide on improving emailing delivery and avoiding the junk folder.


Create Compelling Content

Your success with BuzzBuilder will depend a lot on the quality of your email messages. We’ve created an in-depth Email Builder with explainer videos that will help you create your first message. You can find more great email templates on our support site and they will give you examples of drip campaigns that have multiple emails.


Set Up Your Campaign

Now that you have your email messaging, it’s time to create your campaign. We’ll show you how to set up a series of well-timed emails. 


Send Your Campaign & Manage Replies

This is the best part–you get to send your campaign and start seeing new leads delivered to your inbox! Need a lead list to send to? Watch this short video on how to get free leads from LinkedIn. You can also contact us about purchasing a quality list.

Click the button below to learn how to launch a campaign and manage the replies.

Follow-Up Tactics for Even More Success

In sales, the fortune is made in the follow-up. Below are several videos that will show you how to make well-timed follow up calls in tandem with your email campaigns.

Use the Follow-Up Tasks List

BuzzBuilder users who make follow-up phone calls to their most interested prospects generate 3X more leads. Learn how to use the Follow-Up Tasks page to make it easy. You’ll also learn how to remove people from campaigns.

Leaving Effective Voice Mail Messages

Since a lot of your follow-up calls will go to voice mail, it’s important to leave a quick, compelling message. We’ve found that when a voice mail is left, prospects are more likely to respond to your next email from the campaign.

The 6 Step Phone Prospecting Process: Part 1

This module will show you how you how to become an expert at making intro calls and follow-up calls. You’ll also hear examples of real prospecting calls from salespeople.

The 6 Step Phone Prospecting Process: Part 2

In part 2, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process for creating a personalized script for each prospecting call. 

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