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We’re busy setting up your account and we’ll email your login information soon (If you have registered after 5PM Central Time, we will send this first thing the next day). In the meantime, the QuickStart Guide below will show you how to get started. You also can contact our support crew anytime you have questions, and we’d be happy to help–after all, you’re part of the family now!


Our Build-Launch-Grow process will help you set up your first email campaign, send it to a list of prospects, and then generate an ongoing stream of leads to grow your business. Below are 5 steps to help you get started. Once you’ve completed these 5 steps and sent your first campaign, we’ll advise you on next steps to ensure long-term success.


Request Your First Lead List

Each month, we’ll send you a list of quality contacts (the total number of contacts depends on the package you purchased).  Simply give us your criteria for the types of prospects you want to target, such as titles, industries, sizes, and locations. You also have the option to purchase additional lists at a very reasonable rate–please contact our support team for packages and pricing.


Connect an Email Account

Before you can begin sending campaigns, you’ll need to connect either a g-suite, Outlook Exchange, or Outlook 365 account. We’ve created a short, 3-minute video to show you how, and it will also give you a tour of the general navigation.

NOTE: We suggest you send from a separate email address instead of using your primarily email account for sending marketing emails. Click here to learn why.

IMPORTANT: If your company hosts it’s own On-Premise Outlook Exchange server, your IT dept. will need to set up an “SMTP Relay”. Click Here for a tutorial you can share with them. NOTE: This can be a complex process and is only available if you have more than 5 users. If you have less than 5 users, a simpler alternative is to purchase a separate email address using Outlook 365 via an email hosting service like GoDaddy. Here’s how.


Create Compelling Content

Your success with BuzzBuilder will depend a lot on the quality of your email messages. We’ve created several email templates, as well as in-depth videos that will help you with your messaging. 


Set Up Your Campaign

Now that you have your email messaging, it’s time to create your campaign. We’ll show you how to set up a series of well-timed emails. We suggest started with one of our proven email templates. Also, remember that once you have your first email created, our team can set up the remaining emails for you and create a 5-touch drip campaign. If you’d like them to set this up, please contact us.


Send Your Campaign

This is the best part–you get to send your campaign and start seeing new leads delivered to your inbox! 

Learn how to launch a campaign and then handle various replies that you’ll get. You’ll also learn how to remove people from your campaign once they reply.

Build New Lead Lists Using LinkedIn

As you continue to launch campaigns, LinkedIn is another great place to find new contacts–and with a plugin like GetProspect.io you’re able to find an email address for anyone on LinkedIn even if you’re not connected to them. Watch the video below to learn how. If you’d rather have our team create larger lead lists for you, please contact us to upgrade your lead list package

Follow-Up Tactics for Even More Success

In sales, the fortune is made in the follow-up. Below are several videos that will show you how to make well-timed follow up calls in tandem with your email campaigns.

Use the Follow-Up Tasks List

BuzzBuilder users who make follow-up phone calls to their most interested prospects generate 3X more leads. Learn how to use the Follow-Up Tasks page to make it easy. You’ll also learn how to remove people from campaigns.

Leaving Effective Voice Mail Messages

Since a lot of your follow-up calls will go to voice mail, it’s important to leave a quick, compelling message. We’ve found that when a voice mail is left, prospects are more likely to respond to your next email from the campaign.

The 6 Step Phone Prospecting Process: Part 1

This module will show you how you how to become an expert at making intro calls and follow-up calls. You’ll also hear examples of real prospecting calls from salespeople.

The 6 Step Phone Prospecting Process: Part 2

In part 2, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process for creating a personalized script for each prospecting call. 

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