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We believe that prospecting and lead generation should be much easier, so we created the ultimate engagement platform to get you in front of the right buyers at the right time.



Created By Leading Sales Experts

Get More Meetings​

Use personalized cold email campaigns and timely follow-up to reach crazy-busy executives and increase leads 3X.

Stop Chasing Leads​

Are you tired of chasing prospects who won't buy? Use Predictive Lead Scoring to focus on who's really interested.​

Stop Wasting Time

Intelligent automation will manage each step of your campaigns, eliminate data entry, and save you 5+ hours per week.

“We’ve been able to fill our pipeline with qualified leads by casting a wide net and finding those 'hand raisers' who have the pain point our product addresses and are ready for a demo. We’ve increased our productivity 10X.”


A Complete Outbound System For Lead Generation

We all want to generate more revenue, but this usually means we need to spend a lot of our time chasing leads when what we really want to do is spend more time building relationships.  So how do you generate leads without the hassle of relentless cold calling, networking, and trade shows? 

Many salespeople have turned to sending cold email campaigns. As a result, a lot of cold emailing tools have popped up, but the problem is that most of them focus only on sending emails and we know this limits your success. BuzzBulder is different. It’s a complete prospecting system, and it helps you blend personalized cold email campaigns with timely follow-up calls and LinkedIn activities. It will even alert you to contact someone the moment they visit your website and show interest. The result? 3X more appointments than email marketing alone.

Increase Your Leads 3X in 3 Easy Steps

Get Targeted Lead Lists Based On Your Ideal Customer Profile

Say goodbye to the constant “hunt and peck” trying to find qualified leads. Our data experts can mine LinkedIn’s database to find the ideal contacts for you. The we run our data through a rigorous validation process to ensure the highest accuracy rate in the industry.

Send Personalized Cold Email Campaigns That Get Attention​

Our unique approach to email outreach campaigns is by far the most effective way to reach prospects and generate interest. With the click of a button, send drip email sequences that reach decision makers and fill your calendar with quality leads and appointments. Imagine having a constant flow of new opportunities delivered to your inbox every day. Very cool.

Follow Up With Your Best Prospects & Watch Your Closing Ratio Soar

Have you ever missed an opportunity because you didn’t follow up at the right time? Predictive lead scoring will point out the prospects who are most interested and potentially ready to buy. You’ll even be notified the moment you should follow-up with someone. Once you connect with a prospect, BuzzBuilder’s artificial intelligence can automatically stop them from receiving more emails.

See How BuzzBuilder Can 3X Your Pipeline

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Design and Launch Automated Email Campaigns In Just Minutes

TEMPLATE #1: Cold Prospect Introduction

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Our most popular template! Reach cold prospects using this series of 5 perfectly-timed, personalized emails. This campaign replaces cold calling.

If this is your first time using email to generate leads, don’t worry! Simply tap into our library of proven, high-impact templates created by leading experts and you’ll be launching your first campaign within minutes. Each template contains a series of multiple emails and will even give you advice on how frequently each email should be sent. Instead of it taking you months to optimize your campaigns, you’ll see awesome results right away.

Over $30K in Templates

We’ve invested a huge amount of time and money to create amazing email content so you don’t have to. Access over $31,500 in proven messages and generate leads with your very first campaign.

TEMPLATE #2: LinkedIn Connections

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Build relationships with people on LinkedIn and turn your connections into revenue.

TEMPLATE #3: Past Prospect Follow-Up

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Revisit prospects you've lost touch with and rebuild interest. A great way to get the most from your existing database.

TEMPLATE #4: Lead Nurturing

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Keep in touch and stay top-of-mind with prospects who aren't ready to meet and build interest over time. A great way to educate prospects about your solutions.

TEMPLATE #5: Webinar Promotion

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Promote your webinars or seminars and drive attendance. Then, follow up with attendees after the event to convert them into new customers.

TEMPLATE: #6: Trade Show Follow-Up

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Turn trade show attendees into new leads with this follow-up email sequence. You can also send this to attendees you didn't meet to make an introduction.

TEMPLATE #7: Affiliate & Referral Partner Builder

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Reach out to people who could be potential referral partners or resellers, and then stay top-of-mind so they will remember to refer you business.

TEMPLATE #8: Customer Cross-Sell

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Educate your customers on the other products and services you offer and maximize overall revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of support will I receive?

Our Client Success team is here to make sure you succeed. We’ll send you helpful Email Templates and getting-started videos, and you can also attend live training events that will help you create your first campaign. We even offer monthly PowerUp Workshops to give you the latest sales strategies.

What Results Can I Expect?

Many of our clients generate 5 or more qualified leads or appointments per week, while some are as high as 15. It usually takes 1-2 months of testing your messaging before you see optimum results. We’ll give you proven templates and work with you to ensure you get the best results possible.

Are lead list included?

You can purchase lead lists as an add-on to any of the packages we offer. When you sign up or request a demo, we can give you more information on lead lists and options.

Can I Upgrade/Downgrade?

Absolutely. Depending on which package you’ve purchased, you’ll be able to make changes as you grow. If you’ve purchased a 6 or 12 month license to take advantage of discounted pricing, then you’ll be able to make changes before you renew again.

How Do I Cancel?

After you sign up, if you ever decide that BuzzBuilder isn’t the right tool or your needs have changed, cancel anytime by simply contacting our support team. No fuss, no judgement!

What If I Prefer To Cold Call?

You may be suffering from delusions or have a penchant for pain. Rest assured, there are medications we can recommend.