Stop Sending Blast Emails

stop sign

An email blast can occasionally be a great way to promote a new product or make a company announcement to a large group of clients or prospects. However, it is usually not the best approach. Here are three downfalls of sending blast emails:

1. An email blast is an event

We all know that a single event doesn’t create a relationship. This requires an ongoing dialogue or series of well-timed events.

As an alternative, use a sequential autoresponder. For example, the autoresponder feature in BuzzBuilder allows you to save a series of pre-written email messages and then set the intervals for each message to be sent. This creates a progression of messages that continually strengthen the relationship with your prospects.

2. They aren’t personalized

Let’s say you received two email messages. The first email said, “Hi, we offer great solutions for all businesses.” The second was more personalized and it said, “Hi Joe, here is a resource for Small Business Owners like yourself that you may find useful for your team at ABC Manufacturing.” It’s obvious which email we would respond to more.

3. They’re too generic

They communicate with everyone the same way, regardless of each person’s relationship with you. Why should someone who may know nothing about your company get the same information as a client you’ve known for several years?