Target The Right Prospects

Target “Ready-to-Buy” Prospects

The key to any effective prospecting effort starts with having a great list of contacts who have a high likelihood of buying from you. The problem is, you can’t rely on a single data source to give you a top-notch list. That’s why we’ve partnered with several of the leading data companies so we can get the best information from each of them and give you the highest quality list possible.

Just let us know the type of companies and people who are your “ideal customers” and we’ll do all the “hunt and peck” to find new prospects who are just like them. We’ll search each of our data sources and cross reference our findings. Then we’ll de-duplicate against any contacts you already have in your own database, and run every contact through multiple types of validation to ensure your list is more than 95% accurate. Best of all, we’ve negotiated amazing pricing and can build your list for a fraction of what you’d pay our partners directly.

So exactly what kind of leads can we find for you?

While every data provider can give you a name, title, and phone number, our searches can go waaaay beyond this. Want to find CTOs and CFOs at software companies with at least $10 million in revenue within a 75 mile radius of Minneapolis? No problem. Or how about Manufactures anywhere in California who use Salesforce.com, ADP for Payroll and received at least $1 million in funding? We can do that too.

Do you already have a list of companies but need to find the right titles?

If you have a list of “dream accounts” you want to target, we can find the key titles, emails, and phone numbers for each of them. We call this “data enrichment”. We can also exclude any companies you give us that don’t meet your requirements. For example, let’s say you wanted to target the CEO at every company who exhibited at a trade show, but only those that are at least $10 million in revenue. We could create a list that excludes the smaller companies and gives you the contact info for the CEOs in every exhibitor above $10 million.

Some of the criteria we can search for includes:

  • Industry, SIC or NAICS
  • Revenue range or employee count
  • Location by City, State, Zip or Area Code
  • Specific titles or management levels
  • Recent funding or capital received
  • Current software, CRMs or website plugins used
  • Currently hiring and expanding
  • Recent news, announcements, or lawsuits

What’s next? Schedule a call to tell us about your ideal customer and we’ll send you a free list of 200 contacts!