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Good prospecting and marketing starts with good data!

The key to any effective prospecting or marketing effort starts with having a great list of contacts who have accurate contact information The problem is, it’s hard to rely on most data providers because much of their information is either outdated or it was never correct in the first place. 

So how do you get the most up-to-date, relevant contact data? By using ALL of best data sources simultaneously. We have partnered with the leading data companies, and can also search social sites like LinkedIn. By cross-referencing each provider’s database, we get the best of all worlds–and so do you!

Simply tell us about the type of companies and people who are your “ideal customers” and our data experts will do all the researching and find them on LinkedIn. Then we’ll use our proprietary process to find all their relevant contact information, such as corporate email address, phone number, industry, revenue size, and more. We can even search for specific keywords inside their LinkedIn profiles or company website, find contacts with certain interests, or search based on which university they attended. Then we’ll run our data through a rigorous validation process and deliver a list to you that is more than 97% accurate. 

So exactly what kind of leads can we find for you?

While every data provider can give you a name, title, and phone number, our searches can go waaaay beyond this. Want to find CTOs and CFOs at software companies who specialize in Analytics, have at least 500 employees, and are within a 75 mile radius of Minneapolis? No problem. Or how about Administrators at Manufacturing companies anywhere in California who attended Burkley and like to play tennis? Yep, that too. What about Investors who work at a boutique venture capital firm that invests in healthcare and technology companies? Piece of cake.

Do you already have a list of companies but need to find the right titles?

If you have a list of “dream accounts” you want to target, we can find the key titles, emails, and phone numbers for each of them. We call this “data enrichment”. We can also exclude any companies you give us that don’t meet your requirements. For example, let’s say you wanted to target the CEO at every company who exhibited at a trade show, but only those that are at least $10 million in revenue. We could create a list that excludes the smaller companies and gives you the contact info for the CEOs in every exhibitor above $10 million.

How do we charge for data?

Unlike a lot of data providers who charge a monthly fee (even if you don’t use their service) we offer our data in blocks of “credits” that work similar to pre-paid cell phone minutes. 1 contact = 1 credit. Let’s say you knew you were going to need 5000 contacts over the next 3 months. Simply buy a block of 5000 credits, and we can create new lists for you as often as you’d like until your credits are used up. Depending on how many credits you purchase, our rates are oftentimes less than 50% of what most data providers charge.

Some of the criteria we can search for includes:

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