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The Secret To Getting Found On LinkedIn

In the days before dot coms (the dark ages) when we wanted to find a service provider, we’d open the Yellow Pages. Then Google came along and we’d search the web for potential vendors. Today, LinkedIn has become the place where we often search for resources. Unless you’ve optimized your LinkedIn Profile, you might as [...]

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Convert More Web Leads Into Customers

Generating leads from your website can be an expensive and time-consuming task. As your marketing team passes leads to the sales team, what’s your follow-up strategy? Here are a few tips for maximizing your web leads: Follow Up In 5 Minutes A study by found that salespeople who follow up on a web lead within [...]

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Get Free Weekly Leads From LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently introduced a new, little-known feature called Saved Searches. This feature allows you to search for specific types of contacts and save the search criteria. Then, LinkedIn will email you a weekly update with new contacts from your saved search. If you set this up the right way, you’ll get a steady stream of [...]

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Salesism: CADs (Compulsive Acronym Disorder)

com•pul•sive ac•ro•nym dis•or•der, noun An epidemic in the business world in which common phrases are turned into acronyms as a way to make the person sound cooler or hide the fact that they really don't have a clue. Mild cases of CADs include the overuse of terms like ROI and ASAP, but can progress into [...]

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How I got 65,000 FREE Advertising Impressions on Facebook and LinkedIn

If you’ve tried advertising on sites like Google, you’ve probably seen how fast you can spend a ton of cash. That’s why these traditional online ad sites aren’t for me. My favorite marketing term is the word “free” and I’ll share how to get free, or nearly free, advertising and branding on social media sites [...]

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What Generates More Leads: Your Website Or Social Media?

Most marketers focus on driving more visitors to their websites in an effort to build awareness of their products and services. But is this the best policy? Overall, corporate websites are often boring and usually don’t do a good job of converting visitors into sales-ready leads. When does it make sense NOT to drive them [...]

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